Barreal - San Juan - Argentina

Nature and adventure in the Andes


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El Tontal
  • View 550 km of Cordillera
  • Watching wildlife
  • Visit mine Villa Ricard
Difficulty: Low
Duration: 5 hours
Operable season: All year

The route starts in the town of Barreal. Then, taking to the Quebrada El Carrizal we rises up to 4000m in the Precordillera, from where we can see to the east the valley of Tulum (San Juan City) and to the west 550km of Cordillera, from Aconcagua to the north of the province of San Juan (Agua Negra).
During the trip you can observe the local wildlife and visit the old mine Villa Ricard, in activity during the presidency of Domingo Faustino Sarmiento (1860).

4x4 El Tontal
Laguna Blanca
  • Up river crossing Río Los Patos and Río Blanco
  • Stunning landscapes, streams and springs
  • Trekking around Laguna Blanca
Difficulty: Minimun
Duration: 6 hours
Operable season: November to March

Laguna Blanca is a former lagoon fed by glacier moraines coming from the hill of Mercedario. Currently, it is fed by a stream of meltwater born in those moraine that have retired several miles to the hill.
Leaving Barreal, we travel 75 kilometers of mountain road up the river Los Patos to El Horcajo, and from there, by the White River, wade the Colorado River and cross the Cuesta del Viento and Los Colorados to reach Los Molles. From this point we climb by stream of the lagoon to Laguna Blanca, 3035 m. From this point we see the Mercedario and have a easy trekking around the lagoon.

4x4 Laguna Blanca
Las Hornillas
  • Remains of the passage of Los Andes, by San Martin's Army
  • Fishing authorized
  • River excursion up to Río Blanco
Difficulty: Minimun
Duration: Approximately 6 hours
Operable season: November to March

Located 55 km. from Barreal, Las Hornillas is an ideal place for authorized fishing salmon and trout, of considerable size. Accessed by a winding road, into the mountains. The site has extensive grasslands, aspen and willows with magnificent distant views of Mercedario. From here you can take a trip up river or continue north to White River, that also provides excellent fishing opportunities.
The area retains traces of the crossing of the Andes, by the campaign of a combined army of Argentine and Chilean soldiers, in 1817 led by General San Martín towards to Chile's liberation from Spanish rule. Just arriving Chile, he fought the battle of Chacabuco after crossing the Cordillera.

4x4 Las Hornillas