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Astronomic Complex El Leoncito
Operable season: All year

This complex was built within Leoncito National Park, in May 1983, as a National Service Center for the astronomical community.
Through his 2.15 m. Diameter telescope, scientists from different countries daily develop their observations and research, facilitated by the unique site conditions: very dark sky, cloudless, windy absent, a clear atmosphere, free from all contamination and at a height of 2552 m .
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Dr. Carlos U. Cesco Astronomical Station
Operable season: All year

Considering the unique atmospheric characteristics of this place, this observatory was built in 1964, in order to stimulate the development of scientific activities related to astronomy. Just opened, its prime location and quality, placed him among the top ranking in observation of celestial bodies, gaining importance in international astronomical research community.
During nocturnal visits, we can recognize without instruments constellations and major stars and through the telescope, planets, star clusters and nebulae, always with the assistance of responsible and highly specialized guides.
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Dr. Carlos U. Cesco Astronomical Station