Barreal - San Juan - Argentina

Nature and adventure in the Andes


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Colorado Valley
  • One of the most remote places of the Andes
  • Glacier Italia
  • Moraines and Penitents
  • Semi-frozen waterfall
Difficulty: High
Duration: 3 days and 2 nights
Operable season: All year

San Juan has the highest mountain ranges of the Andes, formed by Mount El Mercedario (6770m., third in altitude of the Americas) and Polaco peak around 6000 m., Mount La Mesa of 6200m., Alma Negra 6120m. and La Ramada 6400m.. All these mounts form an amphitheater in the center of which is one of the most stunning valleys of our territory: Colorado Valley, with its glaciers, penitents fields, waterfalls, flora and fauna, is a stunning scenic beauty.
The journey begins in a 4x4 vehicle, traveling dirty roads to the place Santa Ana, a site of the National Guard from which begins the tour.
Throughout the trip:
We wade the Colorado River to Pirca Polacos, base camp in Colorado Valley.
We go to the Valley of the Upper Colorado where we will have one of the most stunning views of Mount Mercedario.
We continue to the base of Glacier Italia, at 4100 m, majestic glacier on the slopes of Mount La Mesa.
We visit the Salto Frio, an impressive semi frozen waterfall that looks like been dancing with the wind .
Finally we cross the Colorado Valley to Moraines, Base South Wall of Mount Mercedario, at 4200m.
Only then, we return to Santa Ana, where 4x4 trucks are waiting for us to return Barreal.

Riding to Colorado Valley
Route of San Martín - South Valley Los Patos
  • Ride in the footsteps of the Liberator José de San Martín
  • Mountain ranges of more than 4500m
  • Valleys of incomparable beauty
  • Flora and fauna
Difficulty: High
Operable season: December to March

This journey takes place following the steps of the main column of San Martín Army, during the 1817 Liberation war. The six-day ride cross some of the most spectacular scenery of the Andes. Throughout the entire tour, highly trained guides accompany us step by step, showing the natural and reviewing with us the history homeland. The baqueanos will always be present, helping with loads and implements. The horses, meekness guaranteed, allow even unskilled persons in riding can enjoy this unforgettable experience.
Espinacito Cord crossing, over 4500 meters will be the summit. There we will observe “espinacitentes ammonites”, vestiges of the Pacific Ocean that 180 million years ago covered these lands.
The condors and guanacos observe our safe passage through cornices and cliffs in search of the magnificent landscapes and stories that the Andes enclose.

Route of San Martín - South Valley Los Patos
Around Barreal
  • Colorful Landscapes
  • Old groves
Difficulty: Minimun
Duration: 1 hour
Operable season: All year

The whole family can share these rides in the surroundings of Barreal, enjoying the beautiful streets lined with old grove of poplars and willows. Leaving the town, within walking distance, we can climb colorful streams to appreciate the wonderful view of the valley and the mountains, their snowy peaks and eternal glaciers.

Riding Around Barreal