Barreal - San Juan - Argentina

Nature and adventure in the Andes


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Pampa del Leoncito - Barreal Blanco
  • Natural Wonder, cracked surface of unexplained smoothness
  • Windcar Practice
Difficulty: Minimun
Duration: 2 hours
Operable season: October to March

25 km far from Barreal, we can visit Pampa del Leoncito, or Barreal Blanco, a dry plateau about 13 km long and 4 wide, that was the bottom of a lake basin, at recent Holocene (Quaternary). The color of the surface sediments is white because it correspond to silts and clays with saline cementation. No shrubs or mounds , only a flat floor, with polygonal cracks.
Special features have made it a track suitable for unconventional sports such as sand yachting (Windcar) favored by the constant winds blowing in the area and having as background the imposing figure of the highest summit of San Juan: Mount Mercedario, with 6770m.
It is one of the few places in the world that has the right features for this sport, as it has a dry soil, hard, tough, very flat and lacking obstacles. In addition, the winds in the region can reach 80 km / h .
Those who want to feel the experience of practising with windcars may have it around the Pampa, accompanied by an instructor. They can also learn how to handle it, and the more experienced, can rent a sport windcar to tour the Pampa del Leoncito by themselves.

Sandsurf (windcar) Pampa del Leoncito - Barreal Blanco