Barreal - San Juan - Argentina

Nature and adventure in the Andes


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River Los Patos
  • Warm water
  • Watching the torrent duck
  • Magnificent rock walls
Difficulty: Low
Duration: Approximately one and a half
Operable season: November to March

The Los Patos River Canyon offers unparalleled scenery for this adventure activity. The warm water, the sun and watching the San Juan torrent duck complete the experience of sport and adrenaline.
We can find three different routes depending on the desired difficulty level. A 4-5 grade circuit from Las Hornillas, with an estimated duration of an hour and quarter. A second circuit grade 2-3, from Las Caletas (confluence of Los Patos and Blanco) of about an hour and a half. Finally, from the town of Barreal, Level 1, sailing about an hour and a half.

Rafting River Los Patos