Barreal - San Juan - Argentina

Nature and adventure in the Andes


If you want to do this activity, you can contact:
  • View of Barreal Valley
  • Observation of Triassic Fossils
  • Gorge with high walls of different colors
Difficulty: Minimun
Duration: 1 hour
Operable season: All year

Just 60 minutes walk from the village of Barreal and east on Calle San Martin, entering the gorge of Sierras Pintadas, you can see the stairs, carved stone breaks for water, 1.5m. high, enclosed by high walls in different colors, whimsically eroded by wind.
You can climb up the steep walls of low height up to a green place, surrounded by hills that enclose Triassic trace fossils and minerals of different colors, plus a beautiful view of the valley of Barreal.

Trekking to Stairs
Mount Colorado
  • View of Valley of Barreal
  • Observation of flora and fauna
  • Weird rock formations
  • Cemetery of colonial times
Difficulty: Low
Duration: 3 hours
Operable season: All year

To the northeast of the town of Barreal, taking the RP 149, we find the way to Cerro Colorado. A trek up the side dazzles our senses to spot unusual geological formations, or perhaps a small gray fox approaches the path curious. We continue our ascent along an outcrop, unique shapes produced by wind erosion. At the top, we can appreciate summit incredible views of the Andes Mountains, the foothills of Tontal and the local farms.

Trekking Mount Colorado
Mounts Pintados
  • Multicolored mountains
  • Petrified logs
Difficulty: Minimun
Duration: 3 hours
Operable season: All year

Entering Barreal, following Route 12, you can see on the left of the path, a sequence of multicolored layers that draw your attention by their unique morphological features and the intense colors that characterizes them. Formations are Triassic. You can go inside the basin through mining tracks, explore caves and abandoned mines of bentonite. You can also visit the gorge of petrified logs, that reflect the warm and humid climate of the distant past.

Trekking Mounts Pintados
Leoncito National Park
  • Walks of low and medium difficulty through the hills
  • Natural balcony watching Cordillera Los Andes
  • CESCO and CASLEO, astronomical centers
  • Nights with clear skies for stargazing
Duration: Half day
Operable season: All year

Leoncito National Park is located in the heart of the mountains of Tontal and facing the valley Calingasta.
Inside the National Park we can perform different activities:
Cascade El Rincón, jump of waters from the creek Leoncito.
Path Paisaje del Agua (Water Landscape), a 2000m low difficulty walk, with advertisement information about the importance of water for life in the region.
Trekking Cerro El Leoncito medium difficulty, last approximately 4 hours
Visit to astronomical observatories
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Cascade El Rincón Leoncito National Park
  • Formaciones rocosas de gran policromía
  • Vista del Valle de Barreal
Difficulty: Low
Duration: 1 a 2 horas
Operable season: Todo el año

Hill of rounded shapes, of large polychrome, named Natural Monument in 1993. It belongs to the Triassic era and is located in the western branch of the mountains Sierra del Tontal, on the right bank of Río Los Patos. It is a rock formation of 1600m. altitude, whose forms are due to wind erosion. It takes its name from its forms, that evoke the Alcázar of Seville.
In the ascent, can see the whole valley.

Trekking Cerro Alcázar