Barreal - San Juan - Argentina

Nature and adventure in the Andes


Cabins, Inns, Hotels, Hostels, Houses, Aparts, Campsites and all the accommodations in Barreal

Exterior Apart Acrux Barreal

Apartments for up to 5 people. Rooms can accommodate up to 3 people. Personalized service. The best style in a modern and friendly concept.

Apart Los Membrillos

It has two modules, with capacity for 11 people and 4 rooms with bathroom, kitchen, satellite TV, bed and bath linen, crockery and kitchen utensils.
It has grill, wood oven, and a spacious outdoor landscaped pool. Interior space for parking.

Barreal - San Juan

Rooms with private bath, cable TV, hot and cold water. The premises have barbecue, garage and pool.

Exterior La Eldita Cabins

Our cabins are located in one of the oldest and most picturesque streets of Barreal, meters fron Los Enamorados St.. The current concept construction design, integrates naturally into the environment of old trees and ditches. Comfortable interiors to enjoy in all seasons.

External view Kummel Cabins

Cabins for 5 or 7 people, fully fitted and equipped, on the main street of the town of Barreal. We offer tours, excursions, transfers in vehicles, expeditionary logistics, as well as the largest and hottest tourist attention. Bilingual staff (french).

Exterior La Casa de Feli

We have a fully equipped cabin and two studio-style rooms with all amenities. Each unit has separate exit to the garden and barbeque individual.

External view Refugio de Charly Cabins

Fully equipped cabins for 2, 4 and 6 people, barbecue, private parking, satellite TV, bed linen, towels.

External view of Tampu Cabins

Tampu offers 4 cabins for 6 people, built in two sections, with private bathroom, kitchen, traditional dishes, cold-hot water, satellite TV, private bathroom, and individual parking. Outdoor area landscaped. Pets are allowed.

Rancho Por Fin

Rancho Por Fin, to get and stay, finding the cool adobe walls of his tracks historical and silence; shelter in the warmth of simplicity, the smell of home, taking refuge from the madding vertigo, with the aroma of the wood and the crackling fire.
A Ranch surrounded by green willows, ditches and water channels with music, singing birds and a unique view to the mountains and hills.

Exterior Mi Rodeo Cabins

Cabins for 6 and 4 persons with private bathroom, fully equipped, pool, satellite TV, air conditioning, heating, microwave. Parking space.

External view Caupolicán Cabins

Fully furnished cabins with capacity for 5 people. Have minibar, kichinette, kitchen utensils, satellite TV, heating, linen and towels. The property has a lifeguard, park, private parking and grill, bilingual staff at reception. Pets are allowed.

Rancho Tonka Cabins

Two cabins for 2, 4 and 6 people, kitchen appliances, wood-burning grill, reception, concierge, bilingual English and Italian, kitchenette, private parking, guide service, laundry, heating, air conditioning, satellite TV, barbecue. Pets are allowed.

Cabañas Los Alamos

Near downtown area of Barreal, Los Alamos Cabins has 4 cabins for 6 persons each, with 2 bedrooms, living room, inner grill, satellite TV and bedding.

Barreal - San Juan

Cabins for 2, 4 and 6 people, fully equipped, satellite TV, parking, barbecue, bed linen, towels and bath towels, private bath and all the amenities for a pleasant stay.

Camping Municipal Barreal

Great property with aged trees. Capacity for 100 tents.
Warm water for washing up. Bathrooms with hot water. Electricity. Pool. Individual grills. Parking.

View of the exterior of Doña Pipa Cabins

Our resort has 5 cabins for up to 6 people with linen service, towels, permanent hot water and satellite TV. Each cottage has 2 bedrooms (double bed + 2 bunk beds), living room, kitchen and a bathroom, plus each of these independent units has its own barbecue. Within the resort also have 6 field rustic rooms equipped for 1-4 people, depending on the need of the guest.

External view Rio Los Patos Resort

Río Los Patos Resort recently opened is over an area of ​​17 hectares, only 200 meters from Los Patos River.
It offers 6 spacious cabins for 4 or 5 people and a Hostel on two floors, with 12 rooms, each for 2 people, plus a space for common use.
Designed with a modern concept of integration to the landscape, each separate unit is fully equipped and allows, through the large openings or from the outside, a wonderful view of the Andes.

External view of Las Carretas Cabins and Hostel

The Resort offers cabins for 5 people and studio apartments for 4 people, each unit is fully equipped: bed linen, towels, heating, refrigerator, stove, cable TV and maid service. Within the large park, mobile grills available and covered parking space. Furthermore, within the complex, an old house restored works as hostel with private rooms.

Vista Panorámica del complejo Barreal La Soñada

Contamos con dos casa para 7 y 5 personas, completamente equipadas, con directv, calefacción, aire acondicionado, ropa de cama y toallones.
Amplio parque con piscina, quincho abierto, parrilleros y fogón, con vista a la cordillera inclusive desde las ventanas de las casas.
Estacionamiento techado dentro del complejo.

Departamentos El Cordillerano

Fully equipped apartments for 2, 4 or 6 people. They offer satellite TV, pool, barbecue, bed clothing, private bathroom and parking.

Hostel Don Lisandro

An old family house of the century, is the origin of this hostel, located a few blocks from the downtown area of ​​Barreal. It has 2 double bedrooms, one with private bath and two rooms to shared hosting. The large garden, galleries and lounge provide all facilities to share and make friends.

Exterior Hostel Barreal

Located in one of the main streets of Barreal, this hostel has 5 rooms with private bath, multipurpose room and a large garden. The rate includes breakfast, use of kitchen and common areas. Parking space.

Hotel Pensión Jorge

Rooms with private bath, non-smoking area, parking, multipurpose room, internet service, satellite TV, heating.

Paso de Los Patos Inn

The Inn is named as a tribute to General San Martin. El Paso de los Patos is where the main column of the Army of the Andes crossed to free Chile and then Peru. The Inn respects the Argentine Cuyo architectural line and is set with a rustic and cozy. The common area has WiFi for internet connection, and direct view to the mountains to disconnect from everything.

Exterior Don Ramón Inn

From bedrooms and bathrooms can enjoy a panoramic view of 400 km. of Andes, watching Mount Aconcagua 6970 m, 6770 m Mercedario, Ansilta Mountains, Tiger, among others.
Earthquake building, integrates rooms and restaurant. Suites American type, single, double, triple and quadruple. Facilities for people with special needs.

Exterior view El Mercedario Inn

Built in 1928 with adobe and mud walls, in rural typical architecture stile of the region of Cuyo. It was the first accommodation in Barreal, nearly a century ago .
The house, respectful architectural conservation model, was completely renovated and equipped with facilities according to the requirements of the present.

Exterior El Alemán Inn

An excellent choice for accommodation in one of the most traditional sites in Barreal. Restaurant with German dishes. Special teas are offered.

Exterior San Eduardo Inn

The San Eduardo Inn is an old ranch house, preserved in its essence and adapted to the current requirements. The house is surrounded by a large landscaped space in which no lack of old trees providing shade for rest and pleasure.
The inn features a large pool, paddle court and stables.